About Us

Building the club

Manchester Handball Club was initially formed in 2003 by Damien Noel, Karim Hammache and Gregory Pinoteau, a group of friends who were frustrated at not being able to play handball after moving to Manchester. No awareness of the sport by local authorities, no court marked anywhere, no sports hall to train in, no funding... all these were never going to stop them: their motivation was simply too great!

Slowly but surely, with adverts posted there and then, the silent army of handball amateurs living in Manchester got in touch, allowing the club to slowly but steadily develop. Men's registration with the England Handball Association following suit and entry in Division 2 and promotion to Division 1 in its first season of existence.

From the start, the club's ideals were two fold:
1) "Competition and Leisure Handball for everyone"
2) "Engaging people through Sport and Promoting Cultural Diversity"

After building a very successful Men's team which participated in no less than 3 European Cups, work was started on the Women's section of the club in October 2010. Meanwhile, the Men's teams continue to achieve success, with the Super 8 team finishing third in 2012-2013 and qualifying for another European Cup.

Launching the Women's Club

Regular taster and training sessions were organised, attracting more and more girls to the sport. By October 2011, the Women's had enough numbers to train separately from the Men's and this culminated in participation in their first ever tournament, Liverpool International Tournament in May 2012.

The Olympic Effect

After the London Olympics of 2012 taster sessions were delivered and interest was phenomenal. This resulted in a men and women's development team being entered into the league. This enabled more members to play competitive handball and learn from our culturally diverse club members.

Further developments

During the Summer of 2014 Manchester Handball Club merged with the University of Manchester Handball Club enabling the club to grow further. A junior section began to be developed in the Summer of 2015 offering regular training for our junior members and the opportunity to play in informal competitions against other junior teams. The club eventually entered a junior boys and girls team into the league the following year.

Where are we now?

As we enter the current season Manchester Handball Club will have teams in the men's National League, the men and women's Regional League the boys and girls Under 19s League, the U18s competition and the U12 completion. MHC also support the University of Manchester to enter the University completions.

As well as providing opportunities for our members to train and take part in competitive handball MHC also work with a number of schools in the Manchester area arranging competitive games. Regular inter-school competitions take place and the club provide officials and volunteers during these games. The club offer CPD training for teachers and have coaches in schools supporting teaches to deliver and assess the GCSE handball curriculum.

Manchester Handball Club are very proud of the 'handball family' they have created. We have been a base for many people moving to Manchester to play the sport they love, build friendships and socialise with people from a range of different backgrounds. As well as this we are also enthusiastic about spreading the sport of handball to schools and colleges in the area to widen the knowledge of the sport that we all love!